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Our Knowledge - Your Success

Our Knowledge - Your Success

Slow Food (2020)

Project title:

Slow Food Movement

Project coordinator:

Mezitli Ilçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü (TR)

Project duration:

31.12.2020 - 29.06.2022

Project number:



Continuously developing urbanization, more urgent climate problems and a growing awareness of animal welfare, but also increasing concerns about their own health mean that consumers are becoming more and more critical with regard to the origin and production of their food.

The Slow Food movement takes these developments into account by propagating a diet that promotes the production of food from local production with as few negative effects on the environment as possible and ethical components.


In this project, public and private organizations, which are actors in different areas of food production and processing, work together. You will convey the different steps of the Slow Food concept to the participants in workshops, for example "from farm to table", principles of organic farming, processing of different foods.

This content is intended to sensitize the participants, enable them to pass on their knowledge to friends and colleagues and increase their chances of being competitive on the job market.

The role of DEULA-Nienburg

Thanks to its many years of diverse professional experience in organic farming, DEULA-Nienburg can draw on the well-founded knowledge of its employees in this sector and makes this knowledge available to international partners.

In addition, in the agricultural region around Nienburg there are many examples of how various organic foods (both for private consumption and for sale) can be produced and marketed.

Partner meeting in Nienburg

Second partner meeting

Transnational Project Meeting 02-17-2022 - 02-18-2022

The contents of this meeting mainly related to the organization of the project: timelines, the preparation of the recipe book, discussion of further meetings and tasks. In preparation for the fourth partner meeting (LTT in May), a cooking event was organized on the second day of the meeting at the Genusswerkstatt in Hanover.

Fourth partner meeting

Learning Teaching Training-Meeting 05-16-2022 - 05-20-2022

The main topics were methods, application and processes on the subject of Slow Food. For example, a complete menu was cooked under professional supervision in the Hanover culinary school. The focus was on the sustainability of the food, enjoyment and appreciation of the product. During a nine-hour BBQ event the next day, these topics were further explored, discussed and the findings put into writing. Team building measures, e.g. in Heide Park Soltau, were also part of the programme.


Recipe book with traditional dishes that can be prepared according to the principles of the Slow Food movement.