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The Erasmus program is celebrating its 35th anniversary!

For 35 years, the EU has provided opportunities for cross-border experiences, fostering the European idea of turning strangers into partners, resolving conflicts peacefully, and promoting intercultural competencies.

In the face of current global challenges, this mission becomes even more significant. Erasmus+ is the EU program for general and vocational education, youth, and sports. It aims to support the European agenda for climate protection, justice, and social integration by promoting lifelong learning, innovation, and sustainable growth while strengthening social cohesion and European identity.

In the new generation of the Erasmus+ program (valid from 2021 to 2027), there is a particular emphasis on providing more people with access to funding, promoting inclusion, and reducing the program's ecological footprint (e.g., through the promotion of Green Mobility and Green Skills).

Since 2014, DEULA-Nienburg has facilitated vocational education mobility through Erasmus+ (Key Action 1):

  • Vocational students and apprentices from various fields are placed for internships in European countries.
  • Students/apprentices from partner countries are hosted at DEULA-Nienburg, or internships are arranged for them in local businesses.

Additionally, DEULA-Nienburg participates in strategic partnerships (Key Action 2), such as sharing best practices or innovative methods.