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Our Knowledge - Your Success

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The Erasmus program turns 35!

For so long, the EU has been offering the opportunity to gain cross-border experiences and to live the European idea through its funding: letting strangers become partners, solving conflicts peacefully, developing intercultural skills...

Against the background of the war that is currently raging on our continent, an all the more important challenge!

Erasmus+ is the EU program for education, training, youth and sport. The program aims to support the European agenda for climate protection, justice and social inclusion by promoting lifelong learning, innovation and sustainable growth, as well as strengthening social cohesion and European identity.

In the new program generation of Erasmus+ (valid from 2021 to 2027), particular importance is attached to making it easier for even more people to access funding, promoting inclusion and reducing the ecological footprint of the program (e.g. by promoting Green Mobility and Green skills).

Since 2014, DEULA-Nienburg has enabled learning mobility via Erasmus+ to promote vocational training (key action 1):

  • Vocational school students and trainees from various departments are placed for internships in other European countries
  • Pupils/apprentices from partner countries are accepted at DEULA-Nienburg or we arrange internships in local companies for them

In addition, DEULA-Nienburg takes part in cooperation partnerships (key action 2), e.g. to pass on proven methods or innovative processes.