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Our Knowledge - Your Success

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International Projects

For more than 30 years, DEULA-Nienburg has been working worldwide and training the farmers on the international level. Our employees offer their experience in a wide variety of projects all over the world. Through the widely positioned knowledge our staff has executed many development projects with success. DEULA cooperates close by with the German Agricultural Society, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and Federal Office for Agriculture and Food in areas of - Organization, Implementation and support of Information travels for foreign Representative in Germany.

As a result of intensive long-term cooperation with different institutions in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe as well as Asia and Africa, the center "DEULA-Nienburg" has achieved diverse experience in the fields of new concepts development and implementation of training - education and training projects for specialists.

International Partners





Below you will find an overview of current projects:

  • Cooperation project with the National Institute for Agricultural Technologies INTA
  • Together with DEULA-Nienburg developed INTA training program for INTA teachers
  • Support of implementation of the training program in INTA
  • Cooperation on corporate rural development in Argentina
  • Information trips of Argentine agricultural specialists to Germany
German-Zambian Agricultural Training and Knowledge Center

Establishment and operation of a training and knowledge center on the premises of GART (Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust), offering farmers as well as technicians hands-on training in modern agricultural technology and sustainable crop production methods.

Establishment of a model agricultural farm with associated training facility in Nigeria
  • Preparation of the management plan, adapted to the specific site conditions.
  • Development of the mechanization concept for the efficient management with the consideration of the use of imported agricultural equipment.
  • Development and implementation of the training plan for the training of agricultural workers and multipliers.


German-Mongolian cooperation project

With technically, economically and ecologically site-appropriate cultivation methods and the use of modern means of production - agricultural technology, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides - farms sustainably increase their productivity and income. Multipliers from agronomy, training and advisory systems know and disseminate modern technologies of sustainable agriculture in the Mongolian steppe region.


Rural Development in the Eastern Cape Province
  • Establishment of a practice-oriented training center based on the existing educational complex.
  • Training/qualification of existing teachers/trainers.
  • Development and implementation of continuing education modules that enable people employed in agriculture to efficiently use modern processes and technologies
  • Integration of the new educational modules into the existing educational system of the country


Promotion of mechanization by strengthening and empowering selected training centers/ mechanization hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa

At the beginning of the year, our company's cooperation with German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) and various partners from the western sub-Saharan zone began.

The aim of the project is to strengthen existing or planned training and mechanization centers in their development and their work to promote mechanization in the respective regions.

Further individual training requirements will be worked out with the partners in Mali, Burkina-Faso and Benin in the course of the project, on the basis of which strategies for setting up and carrying out of the training courses can be determined. Subsequently, the know-how of our experts will be available for the partners for the supplies and construction planning of classrooms as well as for the creation of teaching content and materials.

In order to offer the participants the best possible conditions on site in the planned courses, after the planning of the courses, further training of the trainers from the partner countries by our experts in the train-the-trainer model should take place.

Our experts will also provide support for the introduction and implementation of the courses on site, as well as for the introduction of a quality management system in the partner organizations and countries in Africa.



Within the framework of a delegation trip, constructive talks and planning for the expansion of cooperation between DEULA-Nienburg and important institutions from the Konya/Turkey region took place on August 27 and 28, 2019.

Under the leadership of the Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahin from the University of Selçuk, the high-ranking representatives of the Konya Önder Çiftçi Association, the Tarmakbir Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association and the Seed Producers Association were also present.

The subject of the exchange of experiences was the development of cooperation in the field of education and training of agricultural specialists. The Turkish guests were particularly interested in the German as well as the international experience of DEULA-Nienburg in the close connection of theory and practice as well as the intensive training in the education.

As a clear sign of the will for intensive cooperation in this area, a joint memorandum was signed which states that DEULA-Nienburg will provide intensive support to the Turkish partners in setting up a practical center.

Already in the coming week two specialists of us will travel to Turkey for this purpose.

We are very much looking forward to this cooperation and are very proud to have such important institutions as partners in Turkey.


Cooperation with Russian universities

Trainings of agricultural managers, specialists and teachers in cooperation with Saratov State Agricultural University, Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy, Belgorod State Agricultural Academy, Samara State Agricultural Academy and others.

Intensive treatment of the following topics:

  • Soil cultivation methods, adapted to different soil types and climatic conditions
  • Application of modern plant protection technology and improvement of the effectiveness of plant protection products
  • Application of EU standards in environmental protection
  • Efficient technology of animal production
  • Innovative technologies in agriculture in Germany (biogas, wind and solar plants)
  • System of education and training in the agricultural sector in Germany


Improvement of agricultural education in Tjumen Region, Russia
  • Vocational training for agricultural specialists in the training centre in Sawodoukowsk
  • Introduction of new training opportunities for agricultural professionals
  • Organization of demonstration sites and organization of "Field Days" for agricultural specialists
  • Foundation of private cooperatives in the sphere of dairy and meat production in Tjumen Region
  • Support of foundation of institutions for machinery application between factories (Machinery syndicate, contractors)
Organization of agricultural educational training centre in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (DEULA Brazil)
  • Vocational training for agricultural trainers in the field of application of modern agricultural engineering and new technologies for use of renewable energy sources
  • Organization of educational internship for instructors of "DEULA Brazil" in Germany
  • Planning, organization and implementation of professional trainings for Brazilian farmers in Germany