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Our Knowledge - Your Success

Our Knowledge - Your Success

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Foreign projects

For more than 30 years, DEULA-Nienburg has been working worldwide and training the farmers on the international level. Our employees offer their experience in a wide variety of projects all over the world. Through the widely positioned knowledge our staff has executed many development projects with success. DEULA cooperates close by with the German Agricultural Society, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and Federal Office for Agriculture and Food in areas of - Organization, Implementation and support of Information travels for foreign Representative in Germany.

As a result of intensive long-term cooperation with different institutions in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe as well as Asia and Africa, the center "DEULA-Nienburg" has achieved diverse experience in the fields of new concepts development and implementation of training - education and training projects for specialists.


Current projects

Improvement of professional training in Eastern Cape/South Africa

Contents and tasks:

  • Improvement of professional training quality in agricultural sphere by means of pedagogical and specialized training programs for teachers and also development and using of special teaching materials and curriculum
  • Organisation of practical vocational training in the educational centre in Tsolo

Organisation of agricultural centre for practical vocational education in Tsolo, South Africa

Contents and tasks:

  • Professional and pedagogical training of teachers/trainers
  • Development and testing of practical education's curriculum
  • Consulting during reconstructing of teaching and demonstration classes for the implementation of specific training events
  • Development of seminar programs about accident prevention and protection in agriculture

Upgrade of trainers and teachers qualification in the field of agriculture and handcraft within the framework of Niger Delta Program

Contents and tasks:

  • Creation of professional educational ideas in agricultural and handcraft spheres for young people without occupational education
  • Practical training, development of professional educational ideas for people without occupational education, adaptation to existing educational structures, realization of ideas in different local educational institutions

Organization of agricultural educational training centre in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (DEULA Brazil)

Contents and tasks:

  • Vocational training for agricultural trainers in the field of application of modern agricultural engineering and new technologies for use of renewable energy sources
  • Organization of educational internship for instructors of "DEULA Brazil" in Germany
  • Planning, organization and implementation of professional trainings for Brazilian farmers in Germany

Development of the vocational training center "DEULA-Nienburg"

Contents and tasks:

  • Educational and training courses for agricultural professionals and managers in their professional training
  • Planning, carrying out and evaluation of training programs for private customers in the subject area of agriculture
  • Idea and carrying out of seminars on behalf of agricultural equipment manufacturers (Conti, Crown, Grimme and others)
  • Organization of exhibition days and field demonstrations
  • Organization of educational and training seminars for chiefs of agricultural contractors and their staff on behalf of the Federation of Contractors (BLU)
  • Vocational training for specialists, teachers and professors from various foreign educational institutions (Agricultural colleges, colleges of Russia, Brazil, South Africa)

Improvement of agricultural education in Tjumen Region, Russia

Contents and tasks:

  • Vocational training for agricultural specialists in the training centre in Sawodoukowsk
  • Introduction of new training opportunities for agricultural professionals
  • Organization of demonstration sites and organization of "Field Days" for agricultural specialists
  • Foundation of private cooperatives in the sphere of dairy and meat production in Tjumen Region
  • Support of foundation of institutions for machinery application between factories (Machinery syndicate, contractors)

Improvement of agricultural sector by means off ocational training for management staff (Poland)

Contents and task:

Advanced training for vocational teachers for introduction of new teaching methods and new teaching topics with a focus on environmental protection in cooperation with the training Institute of Brwinow.

Improvement of professional education in Azerbaijan

Contents and tasks:

Training for teachers from agricultural vocational schools on professional and pedagogic level.

Training for agricultural trainers and disseminators

Contents and tasks:

  • Pedagogic and professional vocational training for agricultural management staff
  • Development of new teaching materials and curricula for agricultural specialists of Kurdistan (Iraq)

Advanced training for vocational teachers (Iraq)

Contents and tasks:

  • Professional and pedagogic advanced training for vocational trainers
  • Development of curricula for practice-orientated courses

German-Mongolian Cooperation project "Sustainable Agriculture"

Contents and tasks:

Development of further education possibilities for farmers in accordance with the place by means of creating appropriate teaching materials and establishment of training centers for carrying out further education practical seminars. That occurs in close cooperation with existing educational institutions of the country, educational programs of which can be improved and expanded in the future.

Agricultural College Yalutorovsk

Contents and tasks:

  • Establishment of a training center for professionals and managers
  • Technical and pedagogical preparation of teachers, development of teaching materials
  • Construction of demonstration area for the potato and cereal production

German-Zambian Agricultural Training and Scientific Center

Contents and tasks:

  • Development of agricultural practical training center for professionals and managers with emphasis on cereals and potato production
  • Networking between scientific institutes and agricultural practice

Development of German-Ukrainian agricultural training and demonstration center

Contents and tasks:

  • Development task: contribution to modernization of agricultural training of professionals and managers in agricultural sector of Ukraine
  • Project task: Professionals and managers and also teachers of Ukraine agricultural sector have trainings and get practical knowledge and experience of using technologies in the field of modern and sustainable agricultural production