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Александр Жаров

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Наши знания - Ваш успех

Наши знания - Ваш успех

First training facility in Germany

пишет: Sekretariat

DEULA-Nienburg is the first training facility to meet the new quality standard of the German Federal Association of Agricultural Engineering and successfully passed the audit for the course "Expert in High Voltage in Agricultural and Construction Machinery Technology".

In the audit, our experienced high-voltage specialists, Christian Bachnicke and Steffen Krumwiede, had to demonstrate both their own technical qualifications and the extensive technical equipment required to carry out the training course at DEULA-Nienburg. Both could be realized in the last two years with a not inconsiderable financial expenditure.

However, against the background of the ever-increasing use of electric drives in agricultural and construction machinery technology and the associated growing demand for skilled personnel for the repair and maintenance of such machines, we are certain that we are now the first training facility in Germany to be able to offer these courses and thus provide both German and international participants with the opportunity to adapt their professional qualifications to modern technical developments in agricultural and construction machinery technology.