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Наши знания - Ваш успех

Наши знания - Ваш успех

"DLG-Feldtag" in the Ukraine

пишет: Ineta Ence

DEULA-Nienburg and its Ukrainian partner UDAZ took part in the DLG-Feldtag in Doslidnytske near the capital city Kiev. The main topic of our presentation are the optimal organic and ecological distribution of mineral fertilizers. This is particularly important to Ukrainian agrarian companies simply because of their size. Therefore, the practical training of young agricultural professionals and the intensive training of experienced employees play a special role.

UDAZ and DEULA-Nienburg already have a huge amount of experience with Ukrainian agricultural forces and offer the companies individual training concepts to meet the training needs of employees targeted.

On our booth in Doslidnytske we showed the practical use of CULTAN machine. This technology of nutrient application is currently largely unknown to Ukraine. Due to the relatively simple handling of the device and a high distribution accuracy, however, this technique offers great advantages, especially in Ukraine.

The interest and curiosity of the visitors to our demonstrations and our training offers exceeded all our expectations on the very first day.