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Наши знания - Ваш успех

Наши знания - Ваш успех

DEULA-Nienburg is expanding its international cooperation despite the closed borders

пишет: Jana Ingwersen

We are pleased to announce that DEULA-Nienburg has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Rostselmash.


The Rostselmash company was founded in 1929. Today Rostselmash is a group of companies that includes 13 companies located at 11 production sites in 5 countries. The company produces over 150 models and 24 modifications of the machinery.

On the premises of DEULA-Nienburg a training room will be set up, equipped with the most modern equipment of the Russian production. This will significantly raise the international standard of the training and technical base of DEULA-Nienburg.


As a result of the development of partnership relations between DEULA-Nienburg and Rostselmash, you will be able to get training on modern equipment of Russian production directly in Germany, already next year.


We are happy about the new cooperation and upcoming projects.


If you are interested in such kind of cooperation, please contact Yuliana Kidess (Yuliana.kidess@deula-nienburg.de).