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Юлиана Кидесс

Руководитель международного отдела

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Александр Жаров

Руководитель отдела по развитию проектов в странах СНГ

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Наши знания - Ваш успех

Наши знания - Ваш успех

DEULA-Nienburg and EkoNiva-Technika Holding will give a new boost to agricultural training in Russia

пишет: Sekretariat

We are pleased to announce the good news of the expansion of our international cooperation!

As of today, our partner in Russia is EkoNiva-Technika Holding, LLC (part of EkoNiva group). The company has been operating on the agricultural market of the Russian Federation for 25 years and has its branches in 26 regions of the country. Its mission is to promote modern agricultural machinery and advanced agricultural technologies on the Russian market, which help to maximise the efficiency of agriculture and the development of the domestic agricultural industry.

The concept of cooperation includes the organisation of educational programmes in the following areas:

  • Crop production;
  • Vegetable production;
  • Livestock production;
  • Agricultural machinery;
  • management.

Training takes place in form of online events, practical seminars and farm visits. The project "Agritourism" ("Russia-Germany-Russia"; "Germany-Russia-Germany") is also carried out.

Welcome to the team of DEULA-Nienburg. We are looking forward to a new and successful cooperation!

This year we have many new and interesting projects planned for agricultural producers.

Stay tuned!