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Our Knowledge - Your Success

Our Knowledge - Your Success

VetProfit (2021)

Project title:

Multidisciplinary, project-based digital learning content for vocational education

Project coordinator:

iTStudy Hungary Education and Research Centre Ltd.

Project duration:

11-01-2021 – 10-31-2024

Projekt number:


Projekt website:


Vocational education and training plays a key role in preparing young people for the challenges of a rapidly evolving global and digital world of work. However, education often works in isolation from the requirements and skills that employers demand of their employees. The latter acquire theoretical knowledge in (training) education, the former seek practical skills.

Project-oriented work is often not sufficiently integrated into training, either through workbooks that are not up-to-date or through trainers/teachers who do not (yet) use the project approach


It will:

  • Contents of textbooks for initial training in the agricultural and IT sectors are confronted with the actual requirements of the labor market in these areas
  • In close coordination with vocational training teachers and labor market representatives, tasks for project-related work, which develops digital tools and assessment practices to be used for this
  • Project-based, reusable, motivating digital learning content collected and made accessible with an interdisciplinary approach

Mini-courses are also to be designed to prepare teachers and students for successful project work.

The role of DEULA-Nienburg

In Germany, the dual training system promotes the close integration of theory and practice for most training occupations, so that the coordination of professional requirements and knowledge transfer in the vocational school prepares you for the world of work in an almost optimal way.

In addition, DEULA-Nienburg has been developing digital tools for the training of actors in the agricultural sector for some time. In this way, she can also use the skills she has already acquired in the present project in a profitable way for partner countries.


Digital learning platform with the following content:

  • Problem-Based Learning - Blended Course for Vocational School Teachers
  • Labor market-oriented projects with reusable digital mini-courses for trainees and students
  • A guide for VET professionals on the methodology of developing digital micro-learning content