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Our Knowledge - Your Success

Our Knowledge - Your Success

Rationalization (2020)

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06-01-2021 - 05-31-2023

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Feed is one of the biggest cost factors in animal husbandry. Calculating and distributing feed rations appropriately and correctly is therefore of outstanding importance for the companies involved. Cultivation, storage, diseases associated with the feed - ultimately animal welfare - are also indispensable in this complex of topics.

Furthermore, the Covid19 pandemic has shown us that public life can be paralyzed from one moment to the next and that eLearning becomes an important factor in such times. It will become indispensable in schools and further education areas in the future. Modern information and communication technologies can also be used to quickly and effectively share (new) information and findings.


In this project, particularly important topics relating to animal feed are to be prepared in such a way that in future they will be accessible to all interested parties (both cattle farmers and animal feed manufacturers) and of course for training purposes on an e-learning platform.

The role of DEULA-Nienburg

DEULA-Nienburg can draw on its many years of diverse professional experience in the field of knowledge transfer and on the well-founded knowledge of its employees in the sector of feed production, animal husbandry and breeding.

She already uses various self-developed eLearning tools for knowledge transfer and the preparation of practical courses.

In this way, she can bring in the experience she has already acquired in this area, together with the specialist knowledge of her trainers, in order to transfer some of the learning content relating to feed into an e-learning tool.


A learning curriculum and an e-learning platform (can also be used on mobile phones), which is available free of charge to all those involved in feed production, cattle breeding and husbandry for ten years.