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Our Knowledge - Your Success

Our Knowledge - Your Success

"Organic irrigation pipe": an update with initial results on the DEULA-Nienburg EIP project.

by Sekretariat

"Process optimization" - many processes are now being analyzed and changed with this in mind. This is also the case in agriculture. Following this thought, the idea of an organic fertilizer pipe was born. This is to be laid underground and supply the plants with nutrients and water in one step.

In April, we reported here on the successful development of a mechanical prototype for the production of the pipes. This prototype was then used to start the first field trials at Wegeners Hof. Now, almost five months later, we are pleased to be able to report on the promising results:

  • The tubes remain stable in the soil for up to 2 months
    The tubes are very well suited for irrigation
    By adding starch, the stability can be increased

The trials are currently still being evaluated from other points of view:

  • Fertilizer value,
    use in different fruits,
    Savings potential of subsurface irrigation compared to the farm's own system
    and laying depth

Extensive trials are planned for the coming year, among other things as part of a master's thesis by the HS Osnabrück. However, for this, and for an industrial application of this technology, it is essential that the manufacturing process of the pipes is revised, optimized and automated. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to arouse the interest of the company REGENIS (Separator Technology) and to win them for a promising cooperation.

We are very excited about the future results and look forward to reporting to you in due course.


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