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Our Knowledge - Your Success

Our Knowledge - Your Success


by Administrator

Innovative Train-the-Trainer Programme on High-Voltage Technology in Agriculture and Construction Machinery

We are delighted to present an innovative Trainthe-Trainer programme focusing on the latest developments in high-voltage technology for
agricultural and construction machinery. Participants will immerse themselves in the world of high-voltage technology for agricultural
machinery. They will learn the fundamentals of the electrification of machinery, explore innovative high-voltage systems, and gain practical insights
into the application of these technologies through hands-on demonstrations and training sessions. The programme will not only impart theoretical
knowledge but also provide participants with the opportunity to develop practical skills in the maintenance and operation of high-voltage machinery for both agricultural and construction purposes. Additionally, we will organise visits to leading manufacturers of high-voltage agricultural machinery to provide participants with insights into the latest innovations and best practices. By participating in this programme, participants will be well-prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities in the field of high-voltage technology for agricultural machinery. Together, we will shape the future of agriculture and help to
contribute to a sustainable and resilient agricultural industry

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Protecting Biodiversity Through Innovative Mowing Technology

A number of studies have shown that the majority of insects living on agricultural grassland are damaged or killed during traditional mowing
activities. The adoption of insect and spider-friendly mowing technology by mowing machine manufacturers can make a significant contribution to protecting biodiversity and preserving the ecosystem functions of grassland with minimal economic loss to productivity. This course plans to provide a structured way for participants to expand their knowledge, develop practical skills and implement concrete measures to promote biodiversity in their respective work environments.

More Information here

Staff Mobility for Vocational Education and Training: Sustainable Weed Control and Precision Farming

This Staff Mobility is aimed at all teachers and trainers of vocational education and training who want to improve their knowledge in the field of
sustainable weed control and precision farming, or who want to participate in an exchange of experiences. Special emphasis is placed on practice.
Continuing education is also geared directly to the requirements of the labour market. In this way, an attempt is made to close a gap between vocational school topics and labour market requirements. The programme is designed to offer a mix of theory, practical demonstration, and labour market experience.

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Course Aims: Efficient Farmland Management and Water Conservation

Aims of the course: To familiarise farmers with work methods that can be used as a basis for improving the efficiency of farmland management, becoming acquainted with the idea that precise irrigation saves water, understanding what role farmers can play in solving the problems
associated with drought and how to store water for agricultural purposes. Informing farmers about the need to stop water evaporation by introducing trees and by other solutions that keep water in the landscape. Showing that the maintenance of grassland and permanent vegetation (trees and shrubs) along
watercourses also contributes to the growth of biodiversity whilst showing how excess water in agricultural areas can increase the risk of the loss of nutrient. Familiarisation with the problems of high-water consumption and how it can affect the entire production chain in industrial farming, posing a
severe risk of water scarcity, both for the needs of this sector and for other sectors of agricultural production.

More Information here

The overnight stay is in single rooms in our comfortable Weser Suites guest house. Full board during the course is provided.
The cost for this course is 850 EURO per person including accommodation, all meals and technical visits.
Accommodation: Weser Suites, Single Room,
Booking and Further information:,,!

!!!Train-the-Trainer courses under the Erasmus Staff Mobility program!!!

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