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Our Knowledge - Your Success

Our Knowledge - Your Success

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Internship program

Would you like to spend a couple of months in Germany? Or even one year?

Take charge of your times. Being an educational center for all business areas in agricultural sector, DEULA Nienburg is well known not only in Germany but also abroad. Our Internship Program connects students from all over the world.

In one week students improve their German language skills and learn how to work with new equipment models. Students learn not only the new techniques and technologies, but also obtain more information about Germany and its agriculture. Students have the choice between a 4 to 6 and 12-month programs.

 The annual program (12 months)
  • This internship lasts 12 months and begins usually in August
  • Students live together with the family
  • Students attend also practical and theoretical training in agricultural vocational school
  • Theoretical training takes place once a week in the vocational school and two times per year by the DEULA-Nienburg
  • Students report weekly about their achievements in special pads in German language
  • At the end of the year Students participate in an internship examination
  • After examination each Student receives certificates
 The short program (4 to 6 months)
  • The internship lasts from 4 to 6 months
  • Depending on the duration of internship, the program starts in March or May
  • Students work, as well as in the annual program (12 months), on the Agricultural Farm and according to its type either with animal or plant production
  • Theoretical training in the Vocational school is not scheduled, but students have to attend DEULA course
  • After examination each Student receives certificates

Students tell about their experience

Olga Jerjemenko, Russia

I live in Krasnodar and since graduating I'm teaching livestock farming at the university. There are a lot of livestock farms around Krasnodar, which breed cattle, pigs, poultry and even horses. I decided to take a break and to work in Germany at different enterprises. I wanted to gain new experience, to learn a foreign language in the other country. At first I worked on a huge ox fattening farm. The hosting family, the farm owners, was very nice. I learned a lot from them. Then I had a chance to visit the farmyards together with the veterinary and to learn the differences between our and German agriculture. The last place of my internship was the cattle and pig instructional farm from the Chamber of Agriculture. There I learned some new technologies in animals keeping and feeding. I will come back to Russia with new knowledge, which I will be able to share with the others.

Norberto Frederico Schmidt, Argentina

My family's farm has approximately 65ha. We mainly grow tea, namely Paraguay tea. Besides, we keep cattle for our own needs. My grandparents are from Germany and from my granddad I learned to speak German. When I heard about DEULA program in Brazil, I wanted to take part in it very much. I decided to go to Germany for one year and DEULA-Nienburg organized for me an internship on the big dairy farm with hundreds of cows. My working day started at 5 am. Within my responsibilities were dry cows and calves. I always assisted to the veterinary, when he came and that was very great. During my internship I learned a lot about cows, their health support and their feeding. At home in Argentina I would like to apply the gained knowledge on my own farm. We've planned to get more cows and also I would like to apply practically my knowledge in the forage conservation. Germany made a really great impression on me. Especially I was amazed by the weather: for the first time in my life I saw snow. It hardly ever snows in the place where I come from.