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Our Knowledge - Your Success

Our Knowledge - Your Success

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About us

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The name of the DEULA-Nienburg stands for high quality and independent education and training. We are a modern educational center for all agricultural and some certain handcraft and technical professions. With our help the professionals from the agricultural sector can deepen and improve their knowledge. We offer educational programs in the spheres of agriculture and particularly in agricultural engineering.

We have been working since 1962 and during this time we have become an international partner for the agricultural education projects. Since 1980 we have been working outside Germany. We consult the institutions and organizations in other countries on the questions of professional training and fulfill the projects aimed at the profit optimization in agriculture.

The DEULA-Nienburg has a modern training and educational center that is the largest training center of this kind in Germany, together with the training facilities with a territory of approximately 9.000m² of training facilities and a total attendance of about 80.000 training days per year.

At present the DEULA-Nienburg staff consists of 80 employees. The center has 6ha of land where various modern technologies of cultivation of agricultural structures and tillage are demonstrated. There are 29 well-equipped classrooms in the DEULA, 3 conference halls, a hotel residence with 230 beds, a canteen and a small gym. The variety of workshops is very wide: you can choose the training among more than 11 spheres (Horticulture/Floristry, Livestock farming, Plant production, Agricultural machinery, Renewable energy). The DEULA offers you and your company a variety of training courses where you can acquire new knowledge or supplement it.

The competence

"Know how" is the key factor for a successful and profitable production. That's why our expertise has been in demand since 1990 in Central and Eastern European Countries, as well as in Latin America and Africa. The focus is to create a vocational training center for specialists to influence the improvement process in agriculture of each country. However, first and foremost the DEULA-Nienburg is targeted at technical innovations (such as the production of wind, biogas and photovoltaic energy) and economic consulting (in the foreground). Our research projects always mean sustainability and long-term benefits for our partners. We are always open for new projects and new contacts.